our vision.

Our purpose is to bring the stories of workplace culture to everyone, everywhere.

our mission, values, and beliefs.

We are a media company dedicated to researching and educating people on workplace culture. Our goals are to prevent the reckless destruction of healthy, high-performing cultures and provide people with the tools necessary to build them. Culture Assassins was formed from our shared values and beliefs in Big-Think, Empathy, Humour, Curiosity, and Connection. Of course we also firmly believe in the power of Coffee and the occasional Whiskey.

Exploring the mysteries.

Culture assassins, like refrigerators, are everywhere. They have the ability to infiltrate our workplaces and change them. Maybe they’re good people killing bad cultures or bad people killing good ones, but they’re out there. Odds are you’ve met one or two or five. Maybe you’ve recognized them for who they are and what they’re doing, or maybe you didn’t. Until one day you realized the culture you were a part of had changed. Irrevocably. For better or worse. Like a marriage or your hairstyle.

Some culture assassins create toxic environments, while others have the ability to turn a culture around for the good of the organization. Culture Assassins was born from our shared experiences of being both assassin and assassinated, and knowing that what we’ve gone through isn’t necessarily unique. We want to hear your stories and your experiences and share those with others. We’re a media business but we’re not just in this for the money. Money is great, but fame is better. Yeah, it’s definitely for the fame.

Tim Reitsma

Co-Creator and Storyteller

Along with air, Tim lives and breathes workplace culture. His personal purpose: “Living with intention, I ignite unconditionally.” His core values: Faith, Family, Authenticity, and Curiosity.

Over the last decade Tim has built global sales teams, designed sales and operational processes to support massive revenue growth, lead enterprise-wide CRM, ERP, and CX program implementations, and binge-watched dozens of shows on Netflix, including Z-Nation and other cult classics. He believes in leading by example, the importance of workplace culture to overall organizational success, and the use of more colourful expletives like “oh, fudgecakes!” and “what a load of sweet pickles!”

Tim holds a 4th degree green belt in Culture Assassination, is a certified mountain biker and husband, and is legally responsible for two small children. He and Mike share a common interest in (and healthy fear of) zombies, and read as much as they can about them to prepare for the future.

Mike Gibbons

The Other Co-Creator and Storyteller

If Tim was the father of Culture Assassins, Mike was its mid-wife. Mike’s personal purpose is to distill awesomeness and serve others seeking discovery and change. He was motivated to help create Culture Assassins by his deeply-held beliefs in Connection, Curiosity, Humour, Empathy, and Honesty. Also, chocolate, he believes in the power of chocolate.

Like Tim, Mike is a genius when it comes to zombies and post-apocalyptic novels. In addition to preparing for the end of the world he has held various senior leadership positions in the technology industry, most recently as the General Manager of a 300-person technology and manufacturing division of a Fortune 500 public company. After much soul-searching Mike realized his job was sucking the soul out of him. After one too many conference calls and budget meetings he made the difficult decision in 2018 to leave the corporate world and pursue his ambitions to help other people and companies grow, be better, and live true to their values.

Michael is a family man, a dog lover, a yoga practicer and an imbiber of whiskey. He has a passion for people and culture and brings a wealth of curiosity to Culture Assassins. He also makes a mean grilled panini.