4 Simple Steps To HIRE An ASSISTANT

Four simple steps you can take to figure out the sort of assistant you need, what they’ll do, and how much they should be paid.

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Contractor vs. Employee: PROS and CONS

Independent contractor vs. employee? Which should you hire to help you shoulder that steadily growing mountain of work and responsibilities as you grow your business? You…

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How to hire your FIRST employee [7 Must-Do’s]

I’m not an employment lawyer, tax accountant, payroll specialist, or recruiter. (Yes, according to my mom I could have been any of these, but I went a different path.) That said,…

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Five POWERFUL questions to help you dig deep into culture

These questions are meant to be hard. These questions can be asked of anyone, by anyone. Whoever you are, the goal of asking these questions is to get a feel for how aligned…

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The FOUR qualities of a REALLY GOOD culture assassin

It's not a bad thing to be a culture assassin. But unlike their ninja counterparts they don't wield swords, nunchakus, or throwing stars. Instead, a really good culture assassin…

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How do you KNOW your culture is HEALTHY?

KPIs, metrics, and feelings are good indicators of workplace culture health. But what happens under stress or during hard times? How does the organization adapt to change? This is…

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Don’t let your culture be a game of CHANCE

In early 2016 the founders of the company I worked for decided it was time to sell the business. When I consider the craziness of that year, I remember the mixed feelings of…

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The ten BEST books on workplace culture

What are the best books out there related to developing a healthy, high-performing workplace culture? This fantastic list of ten books comes courtesy of my friend Lorie Corcuera…

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Jeff Bezos, corporate culture commentator

In April Jeff Bezos released his annual letter to shareholders. He comments how corporate cultures, for better or for worse, are enduring, stable, hard to change.

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